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Masks From The Past Builds Custom Fitted Goalie Mask Replicas!

Vintage fiberglass goalie masks were developed from moulds taken from classic netminding legends who wore them. Mask fitting was a chummy informal ritual that took place in the dingy basements of the old master mask makers - a stark contrast from the emotion-packed high-energy rinks the modest goalies would work their magic in. The fitting process involved sitting the master netminder down and taking a mould of his face that the protective mask could later be formed to.

Masks from the Past builds custom moulded masks for customers seeking the same personal touch used in the construction of the originals! Moulded masks are the ultimate fit following each unique curve and crevice of wearer's unique facial features.

What Makes Our Custom Built Replica Masks Special?

Our goal in creating custom built replica goalie masks is to produce high-quality custom moulds that both form-fit our clients on the inside and conform to the exact figure of the original peice of equipment on the outside. When our clients order a custom mask selected from our catalog they get a perfect fitting replica that mirrors the original as it is shown in the catalog; not a different shaped mask with the same paint work!

Our Moulding Process

We'd like to hold fitting appointments in our Vancouver studio but unfortunately many of our customers find it hard to fit the visit into their travel plans and schedules. Rather than perform a studio fitting we ship out custom moulding kits that are both convenient and economical. After receiving the completed mould we can then use it to build a custom fit version of any mask we produce!

The Production Process

  1. Moulding (Fitting Process)
    The first step involves making an impression of the mask wearers face using a non-toxic compound. *** Order a moulding kit LINK ***

  2. Positive mould Creation
    A positive mould is then created as a master for the rest of the process.

  3. Mask Shaping
    Mask design and intricate contours are shaped using a moulding clay.

  4. Fiberglass & Resin Stage
    A unique formula of cloth and resins is then formed to the secondary mould to form the actual mask.

  5. Ventilation and Vision Holes
    Mask ventilation and eye-holes are then mapped out and cut.

  6. Professional Sanding, Body Work & Priming
    This prep-work is performed both inside and outside the mask before the painting phase to ensure a pristine surface finish is achieved.

  7. Painting & Clear Coating
    Masks are then painted with high-quality hard finish paint and glossed over with a high-gloss, high-strength finish for durability and strength.

  8. Foam & Strap Installation
    the final touch of adding the foam and straps is performed by the customer.

    All Goalie Masks are bundled with the option of a backplate assembly and foam inserts or a commemorative plaque.

Special Request Masks
As craftsmen we have had the pleasure designing a wide range of mask styles from different ice hockey eras. We have a rich selection of replica masks and continue to work hard to add exciting new replicas to the roster. If when browsing through our roster you still don’t see a rare goalie mask that meets your fancy there is still hope! Send us some pictures of the mask you have in mind and we will build it from scratch upon request; even your Uncle Bob’s mask.
Full-On Custom Goalie Masks
As craftsmen we have Have your own idea for a classic goalie mask and would like to see it produced? We build custom masks based on customer design specifications. Call us today to find out more about our Full-On Custom Mask Building.
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