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Mirroring Looks, Strength, and Quality
Each mask is hand made with the same high-quality materials and fortifying techniques used in the creation of the originals. Our final product is a replica that not only mirrors the original mask in looks but also in strength and integrity, thus capable of receiving the same day to day heavy hitting punishment the original was built to withstand.

Mask Options
The following are the available styles our masks are finished in:

Worn Look Mask

Worn Look

Our Worn Look finish gives the mask a game-worn look and personality.

In applying our Worn Look, we employ methods that do not compromise the structural integrity of the mask.

Matte Weave Mask

Matte Weave

The Matte Weave is a finish that was often used in many original constructions.

The Matte Weave finish resembles the finishes on original classic mask designs.

High Gloss Mask

High Gloss

The High-Gloss finish was used in many original later designs.

Our High Gloss masks are coated with high-grade hard finish paints.

All finishes are available on all masks in our Catalog.

Mask Backplate Assemblies and Plaques
Your choice of a backplate assembly and foam padding or commemorative plaque will be included with your mask. If you prefer both please specify when ordering.

Back-plate & Strap
Mask Backplate & Strap
Commemorative Plaque
Commemorative Mask Plaque

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee
Masks From The Past includes a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on every mask. This means that if you are not satisfied with your mask within 7 days, you have the option to return the mask and get 100% of your money back (shipping fees not included).
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